CEO Brett Wilson discusses the benefits of TubeMogul's independence, education and service
With a focus on building the world’s leading independent software for brand advertising, our primary incentive is to do what’s best for our customers. We offer complete transparency which extends far beyond simply understanding where your ad runs and have developed the industry’s most comprehensive client training and award-winning customer service. Bottom line, our values inform our strategies and help us stand for something. Click the video above to hear more.
What Are the Benefits of Building Your Brand with TubeMogul?


Our goal is to be the best in the world at one thing: developing and maintaining a flexible, independent ad buying platform to deliver cross-channel campaigns for the world’s biggest brands.

We’re not interested in being everything to everyone, which allows us to singularly focus our engineers on building the features and products that drive results for our customers.

independent demand-side advertising platform

How independence benefits our customers:

As a demand-side platform, we are squarely positioned to do what’s best for our clients. We don’t own any inventory and, therefore, are not beholden to helping publishers make money.
Our flexible, agnostic advertising tech stack means you can bring own data, inventory deals and ad serving needed to execute successful global campaigns. Your data and your deals are your own.


As a guiding principle, we uphold a high Do:Say ratio and know that true transparency forces accountability. We believe there can be truth in advertising. While performance and economic transparency are both critically important, our commitment to being transparent extends into our position as an industry leader.

transparent demand-side advertising platform

How transparency benefits our customers:

Our granular performance metrics enable you to understand where every invested dollar goes, how it performs and what you get in return. You’ll see performance data at the URL level which translates into more efficient, effective branding campaigns.
Whether you’re a client or not, we stand up for your rights. By confronting issues that affect all brand advertisers like fraud and viewability, we’ve earned the reputation as the most trusted video ad platform in the industry.


TubeMogul Academy is the first of its kind in the industry. This 3-day training offers extensive education combined with hands-on platform experience and an opportunity to help shape and refine the future of TubeMogul’s software for brand advertising.

In an industry as fast-paced as ours, ensuring that our clients stay ahead of the curve is important to us. Because the content presented evolves along with our product, annual certification is offered for all active platform users in order to understand the latest trends, challenges and emerging solutions to tackle the obstacles brand marketers face.

programmatic advertising training

How TubeMogul Academy benefits our customers:

The curriculum is designed for all businesses and professional levels, so practitioners and decision-makers alike will benefit from the certification.
Understanding the ins and outs of the TubeMogul platform ensures higher campaign success when our certified users get back to their desks.

Global Reach

Global brands often face centralization issues when managing multiple product lines across regional business units.

Through the TubeMogul platform, brands can plan, execute and measure campaigns in over 70 countries through a single dashboard. TubeMogul offers access to massive localized inventory and our platform is built to reflect local languages, currencies and products adhering to regional specifications.

global demand-side advertising platform

How our global approach benefits our customers:

Enabling the planning, buying, measurement and optimization of campaigns from a single programmatic advertising platform offers visibility and control for the world’s largest and, arguably, often the most complex brands.
Globally, one size does not fit all. Offering regional currencies and products ensures your brand advertising is served and measured in line with both the brand needs and industry capabilities.


Successful campaigns require the ability to lean on your tech partners to understand exactly what’s going on under the hood. Our customer service and account management teams are committed to offering the highest level of consultation and support and we’ve been continuously recognized for our achievements.

Programmatic advertising customer service

How our advertising services benefit our customers:

In this business, vendor trust plays a critical role. Our commitment to transparency and our singular focus on brand advertising means we have dedicated teams to help you succeed campaign after campaign.
We do right by our clients. Through this approach, we often see a win-win outcome – building products aligned with our client’s incentives means that in their successes, we see our own.
Non-Human Traffic Credit Program
We are dedicated to the success of our clients, period. That means that when you are concerned about fraudulent traffic, we take action. In February, 2016, we announced the TubeMogul Non-Human Traffic Credit Program, a groundbreaking initiative that eliminates fraudulent traffic as a concern for our clients.

We do this by refunding advertisers for non-human traffic identified as fraudulent by White Ops, the leading provider of cyber-security services for the detection and prevention of ad fraud. TubeMogul deploys White Ops FraudSensor™ to ensure that you, as an advertiser, will not pay for fraudulent traffic. Under this program, which is the only one of its kind in the industry, advertisers with Master Service Agreements with TubeMogul automatically receive refunds for video ad impressions served on open exchange inventory that White Ops has measured and identified as fraudulent. This protection can be enabled at no additional cost.

As stated by our CEO and Co-Founder Brett Wilson, “Our longstanding investments and track record in blocking ad fraud have already minimized this issue for our clients. The NHT Credit Program now gives our clients total certainty as a matter of policy. Anyone can say that they are blocking suspicious or non-human traffic, but trust is earned in advertising. We hope that others will follow suit.”

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