Desktop video advertising is a critical component of a brand advertiser’s overall digital media strategy. As audiences continue to shift viewership from TV to digital, video ads remain an important medium for advertisers in reaching cord-cutters and TV-light audiences at scale and with more precise targeting. Advertising on desktop also means that ads are being delivered on larger screens, where innovative executions help drive audiences to take specific actions (e.g. sign up, purchase, etc.)

Benefits of Desktop Video Advertising

  • Deliver ads before compelling video content and mimic behavior of TV ad spots
  • Immersive, engaging viewer experience with customizable interactive and rich media features
  • High impact vehicle for branding purposes

Formats & Executions

  • Standard Pre-roll

  • Interactive Pre-roll

  • Skippable Pre-roll

Desktop Video Advertising Execution Examples

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Zip Code Locator
Zip Code Locator
Video Advertising example Gallery and Social Sharing
Fullscreen Expandable
Geo-Targeted video advertising example
Geo-Targeted Event and Date
Engage to Skip
Engage to Skip