Display advertising has traditionally been a direct-response channel, used to drive one-time actions such as clicks. However, display advertising is also an important component of brand advertising. Enhance branding efforts by using standard display ads to reinforce messaging, or share your brand story through banner video ads. Pairing display ads with video ads can also markedly boost brand awareness and association.

Benefits of Display Advertising

  • Centralize campaign operation of video ads and display ads in a single programmatic advertising platform
  • Complement video reach with cost-efficient display ads
  • Receive standardized media quality, brand safety and viewability measurements
  • Leverage powerful and seamless creative sequencing capabilities to craft a compelling story and boost engagement
  • Access fully-integrated brand survey studies to measure ad impact, then optimize campaigns to deliver maximum brand lift

Formats & Executions

Standard Display

  • Leaderboard (728×90)

  • Skyscraper (160×600)

  • Medium Rectangle (300×250)

  • Half Page (300×600)

  • Mobile In-App (320×50)

  • See Additional Sizes

Video In-Display

  • Click-to-Play

  • Rollover-to-Play

  • 300×250 Video

Rich Media Display

  • Mobile Display Interstitial

  • Expandable Banner

  • Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

  • Rising Stars

Related Formats

  • Facebook Display

  • Instagram Display

  • Native Display

Display Ad Execution Examples

Rich Media Expandable Banner with Video Element
Rich media element expands from 160×600 to 600×600
Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)
Dynamic messaging based on weather, time and day of the week
Mobile Display Interstitial
Persistent branding by reaching audiences within the in-app experience

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