Online advertising is reaching a crossroads that is pushing for change. Disruptive ads have compromised viewer experiences to the extent that an increasing number of users are applying ad blocking, so much so that the advertising community has begun focusing its attention on new formats that cater to the user’s experience while driving awareness and performance. In many ways, native advertising is brand advertising, and it meets the growing demand for a better advertising universe for both you as an advertiser and your audience.

TubeMogul Partners with TripleLift for Native Advertising TubeMogul is the first video DSP to integrate with TripleLift for native advertising. By partnering with TripleLift, we are continuing to build an ever expanding holistic solution that spans across all screens and all formats. As media viewership continues to become more and more fragmented, TubeMogul’s integrations will help you reach your audience, wherever they are.

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising (or “in-feed advertising”) is a new hybrid ad format often considered to be the next generation of standard display. Advertisers simply submit their image asset (and video if applicable) along with a title, description, logo and URL. The native SSP takes these assets and dynamically generates native ads that match the look and feel of each publisher page. This drives higher engagement, as the ad blends in with the content audiences are viewing to offer a less intrusive experience.

Benefits of Using TubeMogul for Native Advertising

Boost awareness performance
25% more consumers view in-feed ads vs standard display banners. Native ads will give you higher viewability and click through rates.
Scale video across all channels
Combat viewership fragmentation! Add native video to the mix alongside your TV, OLV, mobile, and social buys.
Tell compelling stories
Retarget users from other formats into visually appealing native experiences where engagement is highest.
Rest assured. All of TubeMogul’s standard fraud and brand safety features has been extended to native ads, including TubeMogul’s Non-Human Traffic credit program.
Consistent workflow
Easily execute native ads in the same manner from TubeMogul’s cross-screen and multi ad format platform
Holistic channel management
With TubeMogul, you can plan, manage, analyze and optimize unified branding campaigns that span across multiple channels.

Native Advertising Formats & Executions

We currently support the following native formats in our platform. We are frequently adding support for additional formats, so these are subject to change.
  • Native In-Feed Display

  • Native In-Feed Video (Click-to-Play)

These examples of native ads were generated for clients by our Creative Team. Click on the images to check out more!
Mobile Video Native Ad
Mobile Video Native Ad
Mobile Display Native Ad
Mobile Display Native Ad
Desktop Video Native Ad
Mobile Video Native Ad
Desktop Display Native Ad
Mobile Display Native Ad

Ready to make your ads blend in and your brand stand out?