The Adobe Advertising Academy Certification Program (formerly known as TubeMogul Academy) has established itself as the best and most comprehensive training curriculum in the ad tech industry, with over 800 successful graduates to date. This formal certification is offered to clients who demonstrate proficiency in programmatic media buying and advanced knowledge of Adobe Advertising Cloud.

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“Amazing! Incredible opportunity for direct contact with experts in the business. Felt like we were all working together to solve issues and improve processes. Would absolutely recommend this program to others!”
Online Media Representative – Universal Orlando

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Our team of Adobe Advertising Academy trainers currently hold certification courses at 6 locations Worldwide. Through our carefully designed multi-day curriculum, the training offers an intensive deep-dive into programmatic video advertising technology and hands-on experience in the platform.

Interested in becoming certified? Contact your account manager to arrange attendance at one of our upcoming sessions. If you are not currently an Adobe Advertising Cloud customer, please get in touch and let us know that you are interested!

Certification Curriculum

Business Module
Software Module
Product Module

Business Module Courses

The Business Module is ideal for brand programmatic managers, media sellers and anyone new to the digital ad space. These courses offer a holistic overview of the evolution of the digital ad industry: current trends, challenges and emerging solutions to tackle the obstacles brand marketers face today.

Video Ad Industry Overview

An introduction to the history of the digital video ecosystem with a focus on the players in the landscape, Adobe Advertising Cloud’s positioning and market growth trends and projections.

Adobe Ad Cloud Overview

An introduction to the Adobe Advertising Cloud software solution built to simplify, unify and verify the media buying process.

Data Partnerships & Integrations

An introduction to Adobe Ad CLoud’s data partnerships, how you can integrate your own data management platforms and how data can be leveraged and analyzed across your campaigns.

Brand Safety & Viewability

An introduction to industry trends & challenges around brand safety & viewability in the digital ecosystem and how to leverage Adobe Advertising Cloud’s brand safety tools and technology partners.

Cross-Screen Offering

Learn how Adobe Advertising Cloud is addressing the problem of consumer fragmentation by unifying multiple mediums to deliver your brand message to the right audience across all devices.

Inventory Overview

An introduction to the differentiators between open exchange inventory & private inventory. Explore how Adobe Advertising Cloud helps you reach all available inventory and unifies your entire media buy through one platform.

Software Module Courses

The Software Module is ideal for media traders, planners and analysts who work within an ad operations or programmatic buying team. This module offers the required skills and knowledge to run campaigns effectively and efficiently through Adobe Advertising Cloud.

UI Walk-Through

A comprehensive demo of Adobe Advertising Cloud, which covers a full dashboard overview and exercises in campaign, placement & ad set-up.

Ad Formats Overview

Adobe Advertising Cloud centralizes all ad formats into one unified platform, enabling clients to reach audiences wherever they are consuming content. Learn the different formats offered and how to leverage them.

Engaging with Creative

An overview of Adobe Advertising Cloud’s creative execution offerings and tips and tricks for creating compelling video creative executions to drive your branding goals.

Planning Tools

Adobe Advertising Cloud is designed to offer media planners the best, most accurate forecasting tools to build effective cross-screen campaign proposals.

Ad Tags & 3rd Party Tracking Pixels

Learn more about implementing ad tags and tracking pixels on our platform through our integration with leading video ad servers and data vendors.

Campaign Reporting & Analytics

When executing video ad buys, advertisers often use a mix of direct deals, ad networks and DSPs to manage their campaigns. Not only is it difficult to manage campaign performance from siloed vendors, but there is little insight into overall reach, frequency and performance across multiple publishers. Learn how to leverage Adobe Advertising Cloud’s reporting tools to analyze your campaign results holistically.

Troubleshooting & Optimization Strategies

Develop strategies around Adobe Advertising Cloud’s real-time reporting and optimization tools to generate the greatest impact for campaigns with mid-flight refinements.

Advanced Platform Tools

In-depth walk-through of Adobe Advertising Cloud to understand time-saving tools

Test & Learn

Review the Test & Learn framework for building out strategies that highlight the metrics and targeting that drive campaign goals.

Building Tactics for Advanced Optimization Strategies

Review common optimization scenarios and how to build your campaigns to set them up for success.

Product Module

Product Certification ensures clients have a deep understanding of Adobe Advertising Cloud’s integrated suite of products, which offer brands the most advanced solutions to plan, launch and manage cross-screen ad campaigns. Created as part of our platform technology stack, these products can be used independently or linked together for a unified campaign approach.


BrandPoint provides brands and agencies with a simple, seamless solution to plan, buy and measure digital video campaigns using GRPs or on-target CPMs – allowing advertisers to execute digital video campaigns in a comparable way to television.


Adobe Advertising Cloud’s BrandSights tool enables clients to easily create, target and launch customized surveys to measure brand awareness, favorability, purchase intent and more. Real- time results generate actionable insights that give brand marketers a better understanding of their consumers in order to make smarter media decisions.

Programmatic Television

Learn about the TV landscape and how Adobe Advertising Cloud’s programmatic TV offering brings the power of software to television advertising.

Display for Branding

Overview of how to leverage Display ad formats to complement branding strategies / initiatives by pushing consumers through the purchase funnel.

Social Offerings

Get an introduction to social formats offered through Adobe Advertising Cloud and how social helps drive further brand reach in relevant environments.

Mobile Capabilities

In depth analysis of the current state of mobile including benefits and considerations of each mobile ad format type available in the Adobe Advertising Cloud.
“[Adobe Advertising Academy] offers an excellent overview of the power of the software. Would 100% recommend this training program to others in the industry!”
Investment Director – Mediavest

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