With a wealth of ad inventory available today across myriad channels, brand advertisers often need to focus their campaigns to ensure that their ads are effectively reaching their target audiences alongside high quality content on premium websites. While our Real-Time Bidding (RTB) platform provides effective scalability reaching 90% of the comScore Top 1000 websites, we know that you often need to be able to connect directly with ad inventory providers to bring your campaigns to the next level.

TubeMogul’s premium ad inventory solution serves this need by enabling you to easily customize your own private marketplace and manage existing direct advertising deals within our platform.

TubeMogul provides three solutions for you to manage premium advertising inventory and private deals: On Demand, Smart Ad Serving, and Simple Ad Serving.

On Demand

On Demand is premium advertising inventory that is instantly available to you at the click of a button. We enable the smooth automation of deals between advertisers and publishers – eliminating the need for one-on-one negotiations with every publisher.


  • Single click access to deals from over 70 premium publishers
  • Risk-free exploration of new inventory
  • Ultimate flexibility with non-guaranteed deals
  • Replaces one-on-one negotiations

Smart Ad Serving

Smart Ad Serving enables you to streamline the setup and execution of your private direct deals while receiving all the same benefits of RTB-driven buying.


  • Streamlined setup and execution via deal id
  • Supports both guaranteed and non-guaranteed deals
  • Global support for sourcing, negotiating, and troubleshooting

Simple Ad Serving

Simple Ad Serving supports your private deals that simply require you to serve ads every time with maximum uptime and reliability.


  • Streamlined technology designed for maximum uptime and reliability
  • Supports non-decisioned, guaranteed deals
  • Ad returned every time one is requested

TubeMogul not only makes private ad inventory management simpler, but also gives you complete control.

Cross-Channel Frequency Management
Holistic frequency management across all buys extends the reach of every dollar
Site-Level Transparency and Media Quality
Centralized reporting with 50+ granular performance and economic metrics
Maximize On-Target Delivery
Robust targeting capabilities, including audience attributes, geo, device, dayparting and more
Data-Driven Optimization Tools
Real-time performance insights for immediate campaign refinements with site-level control

Learn more about accessing premium ad inventory through your own private marketplace.