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Simplify planning and buying across multiple channels, devices and inventory sources while verifying the success of global campaigns, all from a single programmatic advertising software platform.

Execute cross-screen campaigns and track the efficacy of your ad dollars from a centralized platform.

With a consolidated approach to campaign management, our cross-channel advertising software allows you to run global, sophisticated brand campaigns using 1st and 3rd party data across premium inventory on all devices, formats and channels. From the platform dashboard, real-time metrics enable you to track performance, economic impact and investments across product lines while making data-driven optimizations at any point during the campaign.


Our robust planning tools deliver the tools and functionality brands need to execute programmatic media buying. Choose from dozens of digital formats and/or integrated data partner segments layered on top of your defined KPIs and campaign goals to reach your exact target audience.
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The platform offers brands a consolidated approach to inventory while streamlining workflow and analytics. Gain instant access to premium or open exchange inventory or import your own direct deal or programmatic reserves inventory into the platform. The benefit is the ability to measure and optimize all your inventory streams from the same dashboard.
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Not all metrics are created equal which means measurement can be messy and highly manual. Automate the consolidation of over 50 available brand metrics from a single dashboard to evaluate inventory, audience, viewability and creative performance in real-time.
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Our advanced machine learning algorithms continuously monitor campaign performance to optimize the delivery and effectiveness of ads in order to meet – and exceed – your campaign goals. Rely on our optimizer tool to increase operational efficiencies with dynamic optimizations at the campaign or placement level or manually monitor and adjust towards specified brand goals.
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TubeMogul’s cross-channel advertising software employs industry-leading optimization technology

Hear TubeMogul Chief Scientist John Trenkle explain how our machine learning and advanced optimization techniques power ad targeting and campaign refinement in ways that improve ad effectiveness and save you money.

Build Your Brand Advertising Stack
from our Integrated Products & Features

TubeMogul’s cross-channel advertising platform offers a flexible tech stack of purpose-built, brand centric products and features. As an independent demand-side platform (DSP), we’re agnostic to the varied integrations brand marketers need from the world’s best targeting, reporting and inventory partners.
Premium Inventory Marketplace
If you’re looking for private access to premium inventory, an RTB marketplace, or want to bring in your own existing inventory deals to manage through your TubeMogul account, our software handles it with ease.
Audience Targeting
By aggregating data from the world’s leading providers of demographic, geographic, behavioral and contextual audience insights, our software enables you to pinpoint your audience targeting.
Verification Reporting
TubeMogul’s reporting tools enable brands to verify their ad’s effectiveness. With integrated inventory verification technologies from partners like Nielsen, comScore and Integral Ad Science, we ensure that the inventory you buy is making the impression you expect.
Optimization and Workflow
Our platform’s intuitive interface and campaign tools tie everything together, enabling a streamlined workflow with unmatched machine learning optimization while providing comprehensive brand safety, training and support.

Planning and executing a brand advertising campaign on our platform is simple. Let us show you how.